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About Us


Who are we?

With over ten years of experience under our belt, Rocket Panda Media is all about the visuals. 

We  make things look nice and tell the story that you [our client] wants to convey, through videography, photography, and design.


Whether your vision is personal or for your business;

whether a music video, documentary, corporate event, training, wedding, family portraits, or any other media requirement, we can help you capture the right feel and brand for your needs.


teambrent copy.jpg
Videographer / Editor

Master of capturing moments that tell stories! With a passion for visual storytelling, he skillfully brings scenes to life, evoking emotions and creating lasting memories through his lens.
With years of experience and a knack for creativity, he makes your vision come to life and tells the stories people will remember. 

teamAna copy.jpg
Photographer / Designer

Composition is her thing. Whether it's freezing epic moments through a camera lens, immersing us in entertainment, or whipping up visual magic, she's all about making each project unique and memorable. With her blend of creativity and skills, she's like the secret sauce for any project.

Meet the Team
Chris Y.
[Bliss Point Media]

"I hired Brent recently for a documentary project I am producing and apart from being a huge help in making the shoot go smoothly, he shot some stellar footage and stills, both of which are going to be invaluable to the project. He's solid, experienced, proactive, personable and always looking for ways to move things forward. Highly recommended."

David H.
[engagement photos]

"My Fiancé wanted engagement photos, but I never really feel comfortable with being the center of attention, so I was super surprised to actually have a good time and feel totally comfortable.

Brent was great at giving direction and just letting us have a good time. And the pictures turned out amazing; my (now) wife is obsessed with them."

Beatrice M.

"Brent went above and beyond at our wedding to make sure he got every part of the wedding. I mean from the beginning, getting ready, setting things up, all the way to when people were leaving the party. He captured everything and everyone there and I am so happy with the videos and pictures! I will definitely recommend him to everyone.

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